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Join us for a weekend of goating around!!

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Your hosts  Tim and Amy Hicswa   

Your hosts  Jackie Hillman Pegg  


       6 Miniature Silky Shows

            Shows start at 9:00 Am

                    Saturday June 24th 

            Pure Michigan Bobcat Show (AM) 

                Judge Dawn Rhea

            Pure Michigan Coyote Show (AM)

                Judge Bethany Stanton


             Pure Michigan Red Fox Show (PM)

                Judge - Yvonne Blosser

          Pure Michigan Bald Eagle Show (PM)

                  Judge David Wildman

                  Sunday June 25th

                Pure Michigan Osprey Show (AM)

                   Judge -Doug Edge

            Pure Michigan Black Bear Show (AM)

                   Judge- Robby Kelly


                      Goats can be unloaded Thursday afternoon the 23rd

    Goat sales permitted on premise only if you have goats entered in the show.

Lunch will be provided and Dinner (Taco Bar $12 ) will be available Saturday night. 

There will be a Silent Auction Saturday night, donations appreciated 

Please have entries to me by June 17th

       Thank you to our Sponsors!
        Be sure to check out their websites!

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